Painting of the Virgen de la Antigua, which the cardinal had in his oratory in the episcopal palace of Seville and which is a copy of the Patron Saint of the Cathedral.

The Virgen de la Antigua is an invocation of the Virgin Mary. The Virgin is usually represented with the Child Jesus and a white rose. This image is in the cathedral of Seville. It is probably a Castilian-Leonese invocation from the Middle Ages. She is the patron saint of Panama.
The mural where the Virgin of the Cathedral of Seville is, measures 3.21 m high by 1.16 wide and has a concave surface.

The Virgin of the Cathedral of Seville has a white tunic, as well as a cloak that covers her head and shoulders. The fabric of the tunic and cloak are white and decorated with golden plant motifs. The underside of the coat is dark and golden stripes. The neck of the Virgin’s tunic is curvilinear. With one hand she holds a white rose and with the other a Baby Jesus. The boy has a dark robe with golden plant details.

The Virgin holds the child above her hip, next to her chest. The Child’s tunic has a not very pronounced pointed neck and both the Virgin and Child appear with aura. At the top there is an angel with a sign that says Ecce María venit and, a little further down, there are two other angels holding a crown on the head of the Virgin. The baby Jesus has a crown. This Virgin was canonically crowned in 1929.