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The way of representing the Immaculate Virgin varies according to the area of ​​Spain where we are and we can recognize her and bring her closer to children due to her characteristics. One of the most important sculptors of the seventeenth century, the Galician, based in Valladolid, Gregorio Fernández, will create a model that will be repeated ad nauseam in Castilian lands since its creation, an image that we can see repeated in multiple Churches, since the Immaculate it is one of the most popular sculptural models.
Gregorio Fernández represents the Virgin as if she were a young woman of approximately 15 years of age. Her long hair is parted in the middle and her hair falls down her back. She is in an attitude of praying and for this she joins her hands in front of her chest in a position that denotes humility. He is completely immobile (he can be compared to a military man standing at attention). She wears a cloak that folds symmetrically at the bottom.
The Virgin rests on a throne of clouds and angels, she is stepping on a small dragon symbol of sin or as is traditional a half moon (symbol of the conquest of the Catholic kings).
The folds and the fall of the hair at the back of the image are to be highlighted.