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In this showcase we can see several chalices, among which it is worth highlighting the golden chalice, a gift from the Countess of Lemos to the Colegio del Cardenal. The rest of the chalices and the ciborium belong to the college and are the property of the PP. Escolapios, being deposited for their safety in this Pinacoteca.

You can see on the shelf below a collection of 53 prehistoric pieces, especially from the Neolithic period. All of them donation of Fr. Javier Agudo, a Piarist, which includes various arrowheads, scrapers, flakes …..
Two pieces of pre-Hispanic pottery can also be seen:
Small ceramic container GUAYAMÍ from Panama. Corresponding to the S. XIII or XIV A.D.
Ceramic of an anthropomorphic face, perhaps a deity from Colombian antiquity. It may be older than 500 years B.C.