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Colegio Padres Escolapios de Monforte


Some designate this monument «El Escorial de Galicia». Renaissance style. 110 m. of length. It stands out for its grandeur and the balance in the arrangement of its elements. Built with granite from the country [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=»yes» overflow=»visible»][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=»1_1″ background_position=»left top» background_color=»» border_size=»» border_color=»» border_style=»solid» spacing=»yes» background_image=»» background_repeat=»no-repeat» padding=»» margin_top=»0px» margin_bottom=»0px» class=»» id=»» animation_type=»» animation_speed=»0.3″ animation_direction=»left» hide_on_mobile=»no» center_content=»no» min_height=»none»][4], which gilds over time. Maximum height 23 m. Total symmetry. In the middle, an airy portico, that of the church, which consists of two parts.

The lower one: Doric style, padded sides in which an oculus and a window open. In the middle, on the large door, inscription in Latin: «Cardinal D. Rodrigo de Castro, Archbishop of Seville, donates to the Society of Jesus, for the use of the youth, a temple and a school, consecrated to the Virgin Mary.»
The upper one: Ionic style on each side. Large central window. Below the window the shield of the founding Cardinal, and at the top dividing the pediment, the shield of Spain.