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Margarita de Antioquía or Santa Margarita (venerated in the Orthodox Church as Marina de Antioquia) is a Christian saint, virgin and martyr, registered in the group of Holy Helpers. She was assassinated for her faith under the persecution of the Emperor Diocletian (reigning between 284 and 305).
One of the five paintings by Andrea del Sarto that can be seen in the Pinacoteca of the Colegio de Nª Señora de la Antigua:

  1. Saint Margaret of Cortona, the penitent.

  2. Saint Agnes, twelve-year-old girl, martyr in 304, with her symbolic lamb, the origin of her name.

  3. Saint Catherine of Alexandria, patron saint of philosophers, martyr at 18.

  4. Saint Peter, father of the Church, of utmost perfection.

  5. San Juan Bautista, of great beauty in color and shape. These last two are replicas of others existing in the Cathedral of Pisa.