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The painting of the Adoration of the Magi that can be seen in the Church is a copy of the original by Vander Goes that was found in this same place and whose authenticity was discovered by the Monfortine art critic Antonio Méndez Casal, at the beginning of the twentieth century. The Board of Trustees of the College believed that it was appropriate to sell the painting so that, with its amount, it could preserve, restore and finish the building, until it was left as it is now. According to testimonies of the time, it was in terrible condition. It was offered in the first place to the National Heritage; he declared himself without funds for his purchase. Permission was requested to put it up for public auction and the Kaiser Friedrich Museum in Berlin acquired it for 1,200,000 Swiss francs = 1,262,800 pesetas at the time. The sale included one condition: send a true copy of the same size. It is the one that is now here. In the opinion of critics, it is so well done that it does not detract from the original.